15 min.



Director | Ćapin Silva
Script | Silva Ćapin
Director of photography | Filip Tot
Editing | Iva Ivan
Sound design | Luka Gamulin
Main cast | Ljiljana Bogojević, Vinko Kraljević, Olivera Baljak
Producer | Rea Rajčić
Production company | Eclectica


Upon arriving at their small apartment on the sea, Anđelka and Vlado find the garden neglected, and the roses and oleander withered. They learn that the reason for this is the tragedy that befell their neighbor Miljenko, a local islander who took care of their oasis of peace out of season. Despite their understanding and compassion, Anđelka and Vlado are restless: the numbers don’t add up, and the calculation is hard to ignore.


About the director:

Silva Ćapin (Osijek, 1989) is a Croatian film director and screenwriter working as a freelancer. After compleating her studies of Film and TV Directing at the University of Zagreb, she began to work as an external associate at Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) as a Director in the Cultural, Children’s and Entertainment Program. From 2018 she is writing and directing for the Drama Department of Croatian Radio. Currently, she is in development of her first feature-length Secretary of the Year (Best project of Sarajevo Film Festival Pitch and Pack program with the title On Leave). Her previous short film The Rudeness of a German Lady was a NISI MASA – European Short Pitch winner, and had a vivid festival life. It has premiered at the competition of Trieste Film Festival 2020., and was shown at relevant international film festivals like – Palm Springs International ShortFest, USA 2020 – competition for Best Comedy Short, FilmFestDresden International Short Film Festival and Cinemed – International Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier.