Bird in the Peninsula

France Japan
16 min.


Director | Atsushi Wada
Script | Astushi Wada
Editing | Astushi Wada
Animators | Chikako Iwasaki, Margot Barbé, Marilou Soller, Josselin Facon
Sound designer | Masumi Takino
Composer | Mio Adachi
Main cast | Laura Rincon, Atsushi Wada
Producers | Emmanuel-Alain Raynal, Pierre Baussaron, Nobuaki Doi
Production company | Miyu Productions, New Deer


Children dance to music under the supervision of their teacher. A young girl attends the scene and comes to disturb their ritual.


About the director:

Born in 1980, Atsushi Wada graduated from Osaka kyoiku University, Image Forum Institute of Moving image and Tokyo University of
the Arts. He began to create short animated films in 2002. He likes to make comfortable movements and is always thinking about the Japanese traditional concept called “Ma”, the tension produced between movements.