At Little Wheelie 3 Days Ago

United States
18 min.


Director | Andrew Stephen Lee
Script |
Andrew Stephen Lee, Chuko Esiri
Director of photography |
Andrew Crighton
Editing |
Carlo Francisco Manatad
Sound designer |
Sam Fan
Main cast |
Mark Borkowski, Mardy Ma, Joyce Keokham
Producers |
Alex C. Lo, Caleb Negassa, Tony Yang
Production company |
Cinema Inutile


When a soul-shaking viral video shudders through town, a jobless father struggles to keep hold of his existence.


About the director:

Andrew Stephen Lee is an award-winning Filipino-American Director. Stephen’s last narrative film, Manilla is Full of Men Named Boy, premiered in competition at the Venice Film Festival. He is currently developing his first feature, In the Shade Hardly Any Sun.