Murder Tongue

18 min.


Director | Ali Sohail Jaura
Script | Ammar Zafar
Director or photography | Mo Azmi
Editing | M. Yusuf Ramzan
Animator | Abdul Wahab Danka
Sound designer | Kashif Ejaz
Composer | Farhan Zameer
Main cast | Amtul Baweja, Munawwar Saeed
Producer | Zafeer Khan
Production company | Wide Angle Films
Co-producers and Production Companies | Ali Sohail Jaura


It is May of 1992. The state sanctioned “Operation” has put the city of Karachi at constant unrest. Abdul Aziz Ansari wakes up at night and is informed by his daughter in law, Naseema that his son hasn’t returned home. As a knock on their door later at night summons them to the hospital, what they witness along the way is known today as the most brutal chapter of the city’s history, a sentiment of hatred towards their race, deep rooted beneath the system.


About the director:

Ali Sohail Jaura is an independent filmmaker from Karachi, Pakistan with a penchant to evolve emotions through his stories.
In 2017, he made a travel short film “Arz e Pakistan” (Land of Pakistan) based on Northern Regions of Pakistan which went into a winning streak and won many accolades in various international tourism film festivals. It was also ranked in Top 10 tourism films of 2018 by Comité International des Festivals du Film Touristique. His previous narrative short film “Dry Leaves”, have been officially selected in many prestigious film festivals like Indie Memphis Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival and Sedona International Film Festival to name a few.