3 min.


Director | Julius Stakišaitis
Script | Julius Stakišaitis
Director of photography | Ligitas Nefas
Editing | Ligitas Nefas
Sound designer | Domantas Kutkaitis
Main cast| Julius Stakišaitis, Gabija Miliūtė, Linas Skirius
Producer | Julius Stakišaitis
Production company | nefasmedia


On a casual walk to take out the trash, nameless man gets consumed by guilt as he remembers all the recent moments of helplessness.



About the director:

Born in 1992, and still alive, Julius has decided that not having a budget, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go on and create things. And so, eventually, the time has arrived to go out of the office, shoot a film, and return to the very same office. And see what happens next.