The Trip

20 min.


Director | Jorūnė Greičiūtė
Script | Jorūnė Greičiūtė
Director of photography | Zbigniev Bartoševič
Editing | Jorūnė Greičiūtė, Zbigniev Bartoševič
Sound design | Julius Grigelionis
Composer | Martynas Valius
Main cast | Milda Noreikaitė, Valentin Novopolskij
Producer | Rūta Jekentaitė
Production company | Baltic Productions


Empty deserted places in a foreign land. A couple travels south to find their lost connection with the help of a guru at a mysterious relationship resort. While on the trip there, they stop for camping and their car disappears. Looking for help, they struggle to find common ground.



About the director:


Jorūnė Greičiūtė (b. 1991) studied Philosophy at Vilnius University (BA). She finished her MA studies in Film Directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Jorūnė continues her work directing short films and assisting other directors on set. In 2020, her short film “Viskas gerai” (“It’s Alright”) won the Best Lithuanian Film Award at European Film Forum Scanorama, New Baltic Cinema programme and was screened at variety of international film festivals.