The Pushers

10 min.


Director | Simona Jurkuvėnaitė
Script | Simona Jurkuvėnaitė
Director of photography | Nojus Drąsutis
Editing | Antanas Skridaila
Sound design | Rugilė Kačkauskaitė
Composer| Bartas Česnavičius
Main cast| Irena Sikorskytė, Airida Gintautaitė
Producers | Morta Verbickaitė, Augustė Puteikytė


It is late at night in the city. A middle-aged woman hears garage doors opening. A young girl Saulė returns to her mother’s house frightened. The mother sees her daughter standing soaked from the rain, so she tries to find out why she suddenly came back. After a few unsuccessful mother’s attempts to start a conversation, the daughter admits that her ex-boyfriend is stalking her. Watching her being upset the mother gets the idea to take revenge on the boyfriend.


About the director:

Simona Jurkuvėnaitė is a young starting film director and screenwriter. Director is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in screenwriting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since 2020 has been in the position of playwright assistant at the Lithuanian National Theatre. During years of study, she improved her professional and creative innovations at the workshops organized by Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Kaunas Chamber Theatre and Klaipeda Youth Teatre. The first written short feature film “I sold my classmate“ (2021) has been shown in Baltic Film Forum “Scanorama”.