Tank Fairy

Taiwan United States
10 min.



Director | Erich Rettstadt
Script | Erich Rettstadt
Director of photography | Danny Wang
Editing | Erich Rettstadt
Sound designer | Kenny Cheng
Composer | Sonia Calico
Main cast | Marian Mesula, Ryan Lin, Danielle Yen
Producers | Anita Tung, C.K. Hugo Chung, Erich Rettstadt


Once upon a time, the magical Tank Fairy delivered tanks of gas (with plenty of sass) to the home of young Jojo, a lonely dreamer in need of a glittery godmother…


About the director:

Erich Rettstadt is a queer American filmmaker and theater artist whose work emphasizes inclusivity and escapism. He obtained his BFA in Film from NYU and MFA in Screenwriting from USC. TANK FAIRY premiered at SXSW 2022 (Audience Award) and is an Official Selection at 90+ festivals in 25+ countries.