Moune Ô

Belgium France Guinea
Documentary Experimental
17 min.


Director | Maxime Jean-Baptiste
Script | Maxime Jean-Baptiste
Editing | Maxime Jean-Baptiste
Sound designer | Patrick Hubard
Composers | Moune Ô, Josy Mass – album : Fanm (1984) / Mouvement d’avion, Edgar Nibul (1922) / The Only Thing Left, kwajbasket – album : The Fire Chats (2014)
Main cast | Gilbert Jean-Baptiste
Producers | Antoinette Jattiot, Wim Waelput
Production company | La Loge


“I close my eyes. The crowd makes me smile, breaks my body, and that’s the end.”
Moune Ô is an examination of the premiere of the film Jean Galmot, aventurier (1990), in which the filmmaker’s father played a role, and leads to the investigation of colonial continuities and family histories.


About the director:

Maxime Jean-Baptiste is a filmmaker based between Brussels and Paris. His audiovisual and performance work is focused on archives and forms of reenactment as a perspective to conceive a vivid and embodied memory.