Dwarf Giant

France Switzerland
12 min.


Director Fabienne Giezendanner
Script Fabienne Giezendanner, Albertine Zullo
Animation Daniel Muller, Jean-François Ramazani, Valérie Juillard, Mathieu Bonvin, Gilles Cuvelier, Gabriel Jacquel
Music Julien Sulser
Producer Elisabeth Garbar, Barbara Vougnon, Heinz Dill
Production company Louise Productions, Zéro de Conduite Productions
Contacts Elisa Garbar, e-mail: elisa.garbar@louiseproductions.ch

Little Snow is a young Inuit who must capture a bird from the deep in order to follow tradition and become an adult. But when she finally catches the bird, she tumbles into the marvelous and eerie fjord where the Giant Dwarf lives.