Philippines United Kingdom
24 min.


Director | Rafael Manuel
Script | Rafael Manuel
Director of photography | Xenia Patricia
| Rafael Manuel
Sound | Manuel Colayco
Composer | Naomi Poltier-Mutal
Producer | Naomi Poltier-Mutal
Production company | The London Film School


The self-contained cosmos of the golf course reflect societal structures. Although new ‘tee girl’ Isabel still has to learn the rules, she’s already looking for loopholes to subvert the system.


Abouth the director:

Rafael Manuel is a Filipino filmmaker currently based in London. Before Filipiñana, Rafael wrote and directed several short films including Sadie Makes a Baby (short, 16mm), and Dogeater (short, 35mm), which have played in numerous film festivals around Europe and Asia. In his work, Rafael explores subjective everyday violence that has been normalised by the underlying power dynamics of social relations.