Now, Daphne

21 min.



Director | Johann G. Louis
Script | Johann G. Louis
Director of photography | Yannig Dumoulin
| Pauline Casalis
Sound | Rémi Chanaud
Composer | Benjamin Balthazar
Producer | Anaïs Bertrand, Annelise Mallard
Production company | Insolence Productions


A national road not very transient, a hotel on probation, a road restaurant from another time. A young woman, Daphne, drives through these desert landscapes. It’s nighttime. She meets people who seem to know her without being able to give her a name. Who is Daphne? Could it be a ghost who came to walk in the footsteps of her past ?


About the director:

Johann G. Louis is an author, graphic novel illustrator and director. After five years of study at the Beaux-Arts of Angers, he began working as a decorator and then as a fiction scriptwriter. He directed his first short film in 2009, then his meeting with Anaïs Bertrand from Insolence Productions allowed him to make his second short film, Mrs. Aylwood won’t die. In September 2018, he released a graphic novel on the life of the singer Fréhel, published by Editions Nada. He is currently working on a new comic strip for which he is responsible for both the drawing and the script for Editions Dargaud. He is also developing a feature film, Une nouvelle femme. Traverser la nuit (Now, Daphne) is his third court.