How Do You Measure a Year?

United States
29 min.


Director | Jay Rosenblatt
Script | Jay Rosenblatt
Director of photography | Thomas Logoreci
Editing | Jay RosenblattAnimators| –
Sound designer | Dan Olmsted
Producers | Jay Rosenblatt
Production company | Jay Rosenblatt Films


A father films his daughter every year on her birthday, asking the same questions. In a mere 29 minutes we see a girl go from a toddler to a young woman with all the beautiful and awkward stages in between while the father/daughter relationship evolves in all its complexities.



About director:

Jay Rosenblatt is an internationally recognized artist and an Academy Award® nominated filmmaker who has completed over thirty films. His work explores our emotional and psychological cores. They are personal in their content yet universal in their appeal.