14 min.


Director | Urtė Sabutytė
Script | Urtė Sabutytė, Simonas Jatkonis
Director of photography | Ugnius Tuleikis
Editing | Urtė Sabutytė
Sound | Kipras Dominas
Producer | Dagnė Vildžiūnaitė
Production company | Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija


The year is 2000. Aleksandra, a young prosecutor, is handling a human trafficking case. A day goes by at the police station, where she has to conduct two interrogation sessions. In the first one, Aleksandra faces Andrius – a high- school friend turned suspect, who provokes and undermines her strategy, not leaving her any breathing space. In the second, she talks with Viktorija, the victim who has her own reasons to distrust law enforcement.


About the director:

Screenwriter/director Urtė Sabutytė has a BA in Media Studies from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, and a MA in Cinema Arts from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Urtė started to experiment with elements of genre cinema in her second film Šviesus rytojus (Dead by the Dawn) and developed it further in her graduate film Apklausa (Interrogation).

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