Lou’s Neighbour

18 min.



Directors | Victoria Lafaurie, Hector Albouker
Script | Victoria Lafaurie, Hector Albouker
Director of photography | César Decharme
| Nobuo Coste
Sound | Laura Chelfi, Agathe Poche, Clément Laforce
Producers | Igor Auzépy, Stéphane Demoustier
Production company | Année Zéro


Vladimir, 17-years-old, is secretly in love with his neighbour Lou. When Lou decides to leave her home to move in with her boyfriend – a man ten years older than her – Vladimir tries to put his jealousy aside to help her.


About the directors:

Victoria Lafaurie graduated from the Beaux Arts school of Strasbourg, France. She is a singer of the music band Polo & Pan, an illustrator, and also regularly directs music videos as well as fashion commercials.

Hector Albouker holds a diploma in Literature. He first started as an assistant on many shootings. Now he’s an editor and director of commercials and music videos. He has worked with several luxury brands (Guerlain, Lancôme…) and artists such as Josman and Anna Leone.