Binge Loving

22 min.


Director | Thomas Deknop
Script | Thomas Deknop, Davey Snoek
Director of photography | Jonathan Wannyn
| Jerome Bartholomeus
Sound | Jeroen De Meyer
Composer | Annemie Hendrickx
Producer | Bea Catteeuw
Production company | DENZZO Brussels


A Brussels private detective is ordered by a client to follow her husband because she suspects he has a mistress in the capital. When she unexpectedly forces herself into the investigation, the detective is taken out of his comfort zone.


About the director:

Thomas Deknop was born in Brazil (1991). He studied Film directing at Sint-Lukas Brussels where he graduated in 2015. After his studies he co-wrote several short films and in 2021 he finished his first professional film: Binge Loving.