Czech Republic
11 min.



Director | Andrea Szelesová
Script | Andrea Szelesová
Animator | Andrea Szelesová
| Tereza Kozáková
Sound | Juras Karaka
Composer | Juras Karaka
Producers | Kristina Škodová, Ondřej Šejnoha
Production company | Studio FAMU


In an allegorical tale about the hardships of letting go, a little girl takes care of her gigantic sister trapped in the middle of a deserted land.


About the director:

Andrea Szelesová studied at VOŠ Václava Hollara, where she created the movie Malady. She continued studying at FAMU, with more films such as anidoc 19 20 18, or the stop-motion Afternoon Tea, that played at festivals Anifilm or OIAF 2020. She worked on the movie My Sunny Maad (dir. Michaela Pavlátová) and created jingles for Anifilm and Anilogue.