10 min.


Director | Caroline Cherrier
Script | Caroline Cherrier
| Stéphanie Sicard, Caroline Cherrier
Sound | Mathieu Z’Graggen
Composer | Marie Cherrier
Producers | Edwina Liard, Nidia Santiago, Luc Tharin, David Braun
Production companies | Ikki Films, Innervision


Guillaume kills Horacio “Because he was shouting too loud.” At his trial, the vacuity of the motive disconcerts. During his 10 years in prison, Guillaume gradually forgets this story which had convinced no one. When he gets out, someone starts shouting again…


About the director:

After graduating at Letter and Philosophy, Caroline Cherrier studied at Gobelin. She co-directed the short film Que Dalle, SACD Award at Bruz and about thirty selection in festival. After her studies, she adapted the Apollinaire’s poem Fusée-Signal for the collection En Sortant de l’Ecole (France 3.) She worked on different projects with the Lyon collective Souviens Ten-Zan, that she cofounded.