21 min.



Director | Xavier Seron
Script | Xavier Seron
Director of photography | Florian Berutti
| Christophe Evrard
Sound | Julien Mizac
Composers | Didier Benetti, Antonio Vivaldi, Frédéric Chopin
Producers | Laura Petrone, Guillaume Kerbusch, Julie Esparbes
Production companies | Angie Productions, Hélicotronc


FLO has to go to Marrakech for work. So, it’s TOM who takes care of SAM, their 5-year-old son. Flo left him a list of tasks to complete during his absence. Despite this, Tom forgot Sam’s guitar course. From his ryad, Flo calls to blame him. Tom hates being caught. He picks up Sam. The car comes out of the garage at full speed. SPROTCH. Tom just crushed something…


About the director:

Writer-director, Xavier Seron has a predilection for black humour and a propensity for shooting in B&W. He’s the author of several short films: Nothing insoluble (Venice), The Black Bear, The Plumber (both won the Magritte). In 2016, Death By Death, his first feature film won the New Voices/New Visions Award in Palm Springs. Squish is his latest short.