29 min.


Director | Carlos Abascal Peiró
Script | Naïla Guiguet, Carlos Abascal Peiro
Director of photography | Julien Saez
Editing | Gabrielle Stemmer
Sound | Laura Chelfi, Ange Hubert, Emma Zimny
Producers | Gaétane Rieusset, Matias Wulff
Production company | La Fémis


Christmas Day 2018. Isabelle Barrere has just been elected President of her Party. Her son Jupiter, a parlementary assistant, has been put in charge of the reception of a unique official gift: The Ortega Ham.


Born in Cuenca in Spain, Carlos Abascal Peiro studied literature in Madrid and in Paris. He worked as a journalist for several Spanish newspapers, before working as a correspondent for the Spanish press agency in Paris. He enters La Fémis in the Directing department in 2015

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