The Sheriff

26 min.



Director | Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Script | Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Director of photography | Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Editing | Juan Alvarez Duran, David Aguilera, Samuel Moreno Alvarez
Sound | Sebastian Alzate, Clap Studio
Composer | Proyección Kamentsa
Producer | Luis Pedro Jamioy Juagibioy
Production companies | Trópico Atómico Films


THE SHERIFF is a hopeful story of life. Fernando, a common Kamëntsá who has been elected as a Sheriff, must overcome his own dilemmas and choose between whether he really likes what he does or wants to return to his old life.


Samuel Moreno Alvarez is a documentary Film Director and Producer born in Barranquilla (Colombia) in 1985. His first feature-length film as director and producer EL BAILE DE LA IGUANA has received several recognitions. His last film is the documentary short THE SHERIFF.

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