12 min.

Director | Filippo Valsecchi
Script | Filippo Valsecchi
Director of photography | Davide Manca
Editing | Pietro Morana
Sound designer | Marco Pagliarin
Composer | Filo Vals
Main cast | Alice Benvenuti, Giovanni Toscano, Roberto Zibetti, Giuseppe Lo Piccolo, Giusi Merli
Producer | Massimo Martino
Production company | Clemart

Two lovers chasing for a sunrise end up in the middle of a crime scene becoming the new targets of the villains.


About the director:

Filippo Valsecchi, born in 1996, is an Italian artist with an international soul. Roman by birth, he moved to United Kingdom where he graduated in Economics with Philosophy and Politics. In England he cultivates his passion for music and cinema and releases “Mr. World””, which gets an excellent response on social media and in digital. In January 2021 he released his self-titled debut music album FILO VALS with Sony Music. KM9 is his debut short film.



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