18 min.

Director | Carmen Jiménez
Script | Carmen Jiménez
Directors of photography | Gris Jornada, Carolina Maltese
Editing | Maia De Zan Match, Carmen Jiménez
Sound designer | Jose Tomé
Main cast | Alicia Hidalgo, Silvia Acosta, Adelfa Calvo, Julio Bohigas-Couto
Producer | Eduardo B. Muñoz
Production company | El Trampoline, La filmahora, La Claqueta PC

After her parents’ divorce, Berta (7) travels with her baby sister and mother to her grandmother´s country house for the summer. After lunch, while the adults are napping, her cousin Jorge (15) offers to teach Berta how to ride a bike. Berta is very happy to spend time with him, but doesn´t realize he has other intentions.


About the director:

Carmen Jiménez is a screenwriter and director who has developed shows for Freemantle, Disney +, and Netflix among others. She is the co-writer of La Mesías the new TV show created by Los Javis (Veneno), and La Red Purpura with Paco Cabezas (Penny Dreadful, Into the Badlands) as the showrunner, as well as the Sony International feature Adiós (2019), directed by Paco Cabezas. Carmen has directed several short films with international festival runs, and was awarded by the DGA amongst others.



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