Memories of a Perfect Day

Souvenirs d'une journée parfaite
18 min.

Director| Davina Maria
Director of photography | Davina Maria
Editing | Davina Maria
Sound designer | Davina Maria, Aurélien Lebourg
Main cast | Dominique Goblet
Producer | Docnomads
Production company |Docnomads

Filmmaker Davina Maria and illustrator Dominique Goblet share a fascination for the beach in Ostend. Made up of photographs and illustrations, the film subtly interweaves their respective artistic practices. With a delicate and melancholic tone, Souvenirs d’une journée parfaite celebrates friendship, memory and the fleeting nature of shared moments.


About the director:

Davina Maria is a documentary filmmaker born in Beirut and currently based in Brussels.

She pursued a dual degree in Audiovisual studies and Philosophy in Saint Joseph University of Beirut. She followed the seminar “The Personal Pictorial Language” in Copenhagen as part of the exchange program organized by The National School of Denmark and International Media Support (IMS).

She holds a MA in Documentary Film Directing from The DOC NOMADS, a two-year, full time, European graduate program delivered by a consortium of three universities in Portugal, Hungary and Belgium.

Being a film lover, her work usually revolves around the quests of love, pain, beauty, desire, and anything that relates to the human condition and its fragility. She likes to think about the camera as being an extension of her own body and her eye is easily recognizable through her poetic and sensual imagery, her sensitivity to natural light, and the way she gets close to those she films.