What the Soil Remembers

South Africa
29 min.

Director | José Cardoso
Script | José Cardoso, Adrian Van Wyk, María García, Charles Palm
Operator | María García Freire
Editing | José Cardoso
Sound designer | Santiago Landivar
Composer | Jethro Louw
Main cast | Mogamed Ras, Yusuf October, Joseph Pollman, Maria Dureiah, Wim de Villiers, Frank Piers, Muhtar Lamberdt, Johnny Adams
Producer | Adrian van Wyk
Production company | Jirafica/Azania

The trauma of a community uprooted during the Apartheid regime, making way for an educational institution that would become synonymous with the foundation of white supremacist ideologies. The collective wisdom and patience embedded in their actions is what a nationalist regime tried to violently take away from them years earlier.


About the director:

José Cardoso, Seydú’s father, filmmaker, illustrator and graphic designer; he has developed fiction, animation and documentary films, on themes revolving around surrealism, consciousness and anti-colonialism.