Night Winter People

Russian Federation
19 min.


Director Valery Polienko
Script Denis Kriukov
Cinematographer Kiril Babrov
Editor Aleksej Nazarchuk
Producer Tikhon Pendurin
Production company Kosmos film
Contacts Elena Korzhaeva, e-mail:

– So will you show the bomb? – Have a look. – Will you let me hold it? – Take it. You know, it’s boring to live in this world, gentlemen. When there’s nothing to blow up. And so what, really? Well, mansions with the dead, well, the sick in a taxi… A small hive in a box on the wheels.12 souls in a cold piece of iron. And now it’ll blow up! And here is the feat and holiday and an inexplicable anguish is gone… And maybe something will clear up with love. Because how else? Some evening anyway should be the last. Why not this? Well, we’ll have a talk then. How, where and why? And who those winter night people are…