The Source

6 min.


Director Marcin Sauter
Script Marcin Sauter
Cinematographer Marcin Sauter
Sound Dawid Sokołowski, Marcin Lenarczyk
Producer Marcin Sauter
Production company BKF Newsreel
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21 years ago the war in Tyak between Armenia and Azerbaijan ended. Since then an elderly woman lives alone with her adult son. Tyak used to be a large village but now it is completely depopulated. Some inhabitants died and others ran away and left their homes behind. The film characters live in poverty, in the empty, ruined house. In the autumn, they gather huge amount of walnuts, which they dry at home. Selling walnuts is their only source of income. Samvel is dumb. Donara is on the verge of insanity. She talks about her companions – dead villagers. The film is a short, documentary impression made on the black and white film reel. It pictures my first impressions from stay in that unique place. On the trace of forgotten wars.