Lithuanian short films touring New Zealand

News 2022-03-31

“Lithuanian Shorts” together with the Lithuanian Film Festival in New Zealand invites New Zealand audience to the special Lithuanian Short Film Night screenings. Organized by the leading News Zealand short film festival “Show Me Shorts”, the screenings will give to opportunity for locals to immerse themselves in Lithuanian cinema and get to know the new generation of Lithuanian filmmakers. Screenings will be held on 5-7 of April in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland and online on 8-9 of April.

The programme, consisting of six short films, encourages to take a closer look at ourselves and the environment around us. The audience will encounter stories about family relationships, never-ending conflicts, the fragility of beauty and overwhelming confessions. Returning home for Easter, vacationing at the mother’s house by the sea, participating in an online talk, meeting girlfriend’s parents – the protagonists are trying their best to adapt to the situations and meet the expectations of everyone around, however, loneliness, temporality and the irony becomes a part of their life.

Lithuanian Short Film Night screenings will be presented by Eglė Šimkevičiūtė-Kulvelis, founder of the Lithuanian Short Film Festival in New Zealand.

“Show Me Shorts”, established in 2006, is the Oscars-qualifying short film festival that includes 100 physical screenings in 40 cinemas across New Zealand. 17th edition of the festival will take place during 7-30 October 2022. “Show Me Shorts” also provides professional development and networking opportunities for aspiring short filmmakers through our Screenwriting Lab, Short Film Talks, Filmmaker Resources and various masterclasses.


The programme:


First Sunday After The First Full Moon
dir. Greta Griniūtė
2021, fiction, 15 min.

When a London-based DJ Egle returns to native Lithuania for an Easter celebration, she finds herself facing more than just the music.


Family Unit
dir. Titas Laucius
2019, fiction, 21 min.

Eimantas and Migle have been together for only a couple of months. Migle’s grandfather has been living in an apartment that is too big for him. That’s why Migle’s parents decide that he is finally going to live with them. In order to please his girlfriend, Eimantas comes to the grandfather’s home to help Migle’s family move all the furniture. But not every family member is happy about the presence of Eimantas.


dir. Birutė Kapustinskaitė
2021, fiction, 15 min.


It’s a story of two mothers who have to let go of each other in order to grow.

Aldona (45) is a single mother of a daughter (25) who soon will become a mother herself. Miglė, her daughter, comes to visit her on the seaside. Aldona tries to show care, but instead – starts controlling her. She wants to convince Miglė to move back to live with her – Aldona has even decorated the separate room for the baby – but instead, just pushes her away. During the night, the contractions start unexpectedly together with a new chapter – Aldona has to finally accept her solitude and let her daughter go in order to grow.


One Life
dir. Marija Stonytė
2019, documentary, 19 min.

On a private farm, butterflies are raised only to be sold as props for a classical concert performance. We follow one of these fragile creatures on its short-lived journey to the music hall as it struggles to survive ‘civilization’.


dir. Saulė Bliuvaitė
2021, documentary, 15 min.

While driving around in different limousines, passengers unrelated to each other struggle to find the best way to have the fun they desire.


dir. Adas Burkšaitis
2021, fiction, 7 min.

We witness a casual video call between a young man and a middle-aged woman. From the issues they discuss, it becomes evident that a friendly chat is not the reason for this rendezvous. The context of their relationship is soon revealed.