Vilnius Short Film Festival’s summer screenings at the bar “Peronas”

Events 2024-05-22

Vilnius Short Film Festival is inviting all film fans to short film screenings at the bar “Peronas”. From June to August, the Festival will present 6 short film programmes, initially screened during this year’s Vilnius Short Film Festival, offering high-quality cinema from all over the world. The programmes will make the audience pause, laugh, explore themselves and those around them, and sometimes reflect on deeply hidden memories.

Film screenings will be held on June 4 and 18, as well as July 9, 23 and August 6, 20 at the terrace of the “Peronas” bar “Parkas” (Geležinkelio str. 6, Vilnius). They are free of charge, but seating is limited, so early arrival is recommended. All films are with Lithuanian and English subtitles.


June 4, Tuesday, 21.00 h – Bodily Functions

What is that? This time it’s not about eroticism, but rather a whole spectrum of different aspects of relationship with body, both own and foreign. From a person’s “recycling” into an object, to the diverse supporting roles of a little-known actress, Jill Goldston, or a flamboyant show by Oliver Sim of The xx. These bodily functions are truly multifaceted and likely to evoke a variety of reactions, which is what makes them interesting.

Films in the programme: Jill, Uncredited” (dir. Anthony Ing, UK, Canada), “A Study of Empathy” (dir. Hilke Rönnfeldt, Denmark, Germany), “We love life” (dir. Hana Vojáčková, UK), “Human Resources” (dir. Titouan Tillier, Isaac Wenzek, Trinidad Plass Caussade, France) and “Hideous” (dir. Yann Gonzalez, UK).

More information about films HERE.


June 18, Tuesday, 21.00 h – Remind Me

The second programme What do we remember and what do we forget? Is it any indication of the importance of things? Sometimes a sight, a sound or an encounter can trigger an avalanche of memories, often beyond our control. In this programme, the theme of memory unfolds from very different perspectives and invites us to delve into the search for both individual and collective memory.

Films in the programme: I Was Once Lost” (dir. Emma Limon, France), “The Veiled City” (dir. Natalie Cubides-Brady, UK), “What The Soil Remembers” (dir. José Cardoso, South Africa, Ecuador), “A Bird Called Memory” (dir. Leonardo Martinelli, Brazil, UK) and “Memories of a Perfect Day” (dir. Davina Maria, Belgium, Portugal, Lebanon, Hungary). 

More information about films HERE.