The Searchers

The selection by the young programmers explores human wanderings, lost horizons. The seekers’ goals offer an opportunity to delve into different narratives of journeys.

The characters are highly motivated to find the meaning of their lives by understanding their own nature and feelings. Wandering the streets in search of a brother, drifting through nighttime Boston while trying to get home, longing for the time gone by in war-torn Kyiv, and the efforts to get a bench built by a highway. All of this makes the characters search for answers to existential questions.

This program was curated by the ‘Young Film Programmers of Meno Avilys,’ a group of senior high school students interested in cinema. Under the guidance of professional film curators and educators, they select films that are relevant to their interests, design and present film programs for festivals and cinemas, and as well as handle the publicity associated with these programs. ‘Young Programmers’ is inspired by the international project Moving Cinema, co-funded by Creative Europe MEDIA program.

Duration: 83 min.
Age limit: N-13