The Waves

South Korea
9 min.

Director | Yumi Joung
Script | Yumi Joung
Editing | Yumi Joung
Animators | Yumi Joung, Youngeun Park
Sound designer | Plus Gain
Producer | Kihyun Kim
Production company | Match Cut Inc.

Waves coming and going on an empty beach. Several people, from children to the elderly, appear one by one on the beach. And, within the rhythm of the waves, each repeats their own actions. It seems like it will go on forever, but it eventually comes to an end. Everyone leaves the beach, leaving only the waves in their place.


About the director:

Studied Fine Arts at Kookmin University (2000-2004)
Studied Animation Directing at the Korean Academy of Film Arts (2004-2006)
Study Fine Arts at the Korea National University of Arts

Professional Experience
-Officially selected member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)
-The first Korean animation to win the Grand Prix at the Zagreb Animation Film Festival
-Became the first Korean animation to enter the Cannes Director’s Week and Berlinale shorts competition
-Bologna Ragazzi Award, the first Korean illustrator to receive the grand prize
-Received a commendation from the Minister of Culture