14 min.

Director | Gwai Lou
Script | Gwai Lou
Director of photography | Abudin Abdullah
Editing | Vincent Ho, Gwai Lou
Sound designer | Vincent Ho and Gwai Lou
Composer | Annabel Tiu
Main cast | Muhammad Ikhliel Amree, Syahmi Rafiq Syazwi
Producers | Annabel Tiu, Feisal Azizuddin
Production company | Straycats Films Sdn. Bhd.

After cutting himself accidentally during one of his live-streaming sessions, Farid, a boy from a rural area of Malaysia is offered money by one of his followers to do it again.


About the director:

Gwai Lou is a Malaysian-based director and cinematographer from Spain. He has been a foreigner almost his entire life. His films speak first-hand about the loneliness of outsiders and the need to find a “chosen” family beyond the “given” family as an antidote to solitude.