16 min.

Directors | Mauritz Brekke Solberg, Daniel Fure Schwarz
Script | Mauritz Brekke Solberg, Daniel Fure Schwarz
Director of photography | Jørgen Klüver
Editing | Odin Norum Kvistad
Sound designer | Emma Linnea Larsen, ONZ ONZ
Composer | Martinius Solum
Main cast | Kyrre Hellum, Laila Goody, Marit Andreassen, Inga Lilleaas, Gaute Næss, Daniel Vatsvåg, Arman Surizehi
Producers | Silje Baer, Rebekka Rognøy
Production company | Ferdi Film AS

Things get out of hand when a major security brand, an advertising agency and a production company meet at a so-called offline meeting, to try to agree on the final cut of a commercial film.

When the lights go on, everyone is apparently happy, except for the diversity expert. He believes that two of the characters are too similar, which will confuse the audience, and therefore suggests that they color correct one of the dark-skinned actors lighter to distinguish the two characters from each other.

The film is based on real experiences from meetings like this, from the directors time in the advertising industry.


About the directors:

Mauritz Brekke Solberg & Daniel Fure Schwarz took their Bachelors in directing at Westerdals film school in Oslo and started the production company Férdi Film with 5 partners right out of school. Mauritz’s and Daniels bachelor project “Birthright” got attention when it ended up in the final of Student-BAFTA 2018 and the project is now in development as a TV drama. Mauritz and Daniel have often written and co-directed projects. On their previous short July., Daniel wrote and Mauritz directed.