A Kind of Testament

Un genre de testament
16 min.

Director | Stephen Vuillemin
Script | Stephen Vuillemin
Animator| Stephen Vuillemin
Sound designer | Lucien Krampf
Composer | Qoso
Main cast | Naomi Yang, Angela Clerkin, Freida Siddall, Aisha Arden, Bethy Read
Producers | Ugo Bienvenu, Félix de Givry
Production company | Remembers

A young woman comes across animations on the Internet that have clearly been created from her private selfies. An unknown female with the same name confesses to identity theft. But death is quicker than the answer to the question: “Why?”


About the director:

S. Vuillemin, born in 1986 in Besançon, is an animation director, comics author, and illustrator. His 2011 web-comic Lycéennes was branded “a novel use of animated gifs” by Cartoon brew and told the story of a girl getting sick after a dog licked her ear. Between 2016 and 2022, Vuillemin dedicated his time to creating his first animation short film, A Kind Of Testament, first by himself and then with the support of production company Remembers. He has also collaborated with notable clients such as Chanel and The New-York Times. After previously living in London and Taipei, S.Vuillemin is now residing in Paris.