This is Sweden

Ahhh, Sweden, the nature, the mountains, blond people with flowers in their hair dancing around a midsummer pole and Dalar horses all around.

Sweden is so much more than this tourist poster from the 60s.

In this programme we want to show you a lot of different sides of Swedish life and culture.

You’ll meet Magnus, who gets in trouble when trying to be open and inclusive.
Alexander who is confronted with and confronts stereotypes.
Svonni who has problems with a rigid system.
David who wants to fight prejudice but might be tarred with the same brush.
Clara who returns to her roots with a new insight.
And not least the visitors to the girls’ bathroom who deal with what life brings them.

Meet our many-faceted country, from North to South, from city to countryside, majorities and minorities, poetic, rough, beautiful, absurd, funny, and thought-provoking.

This is Sweden!

Programme curated by Jing Haase, festival manager for short film (Internartional department) at the Swedish Film Institute

Duration: 71 min.
Age limit: N-13