We Were Kids

Vi var barn då
15 min.

Directors | Alexander Abdallah, Mustafa Al-Mashhadani
Script | Alexander Abdallah, Mustafa Al-Mashhadani
Directors of photography | Eric Ivar Persson
Editing | Carla Luffe & Sanna Rapp
Sound designer | Petar Mrdjen
Composer | Vincent Bahar
Main cast | Alexander Abdallah, Nader Attiyah, Arman Cho
Producer | Adam Lunneborg
Production company | Carbs Film

Director Alexander has made a film about the jargon in concrete projects when he grew up. A film about macho norms, the talk that shatters dreams and the words that kill. Now he’s invited his childhood friends to show them the film. We get to follow them through a poetic and physical conflict as they realize what they have been a part of to finally daring to be honest to each other.