Land of the Free

Du gamla, Du fria
11 min.

Director | Dawid Ullgren
Script | Dawid Ullgren
Director of photography | Josua Enblom
Editing | Anton Hemgren
Sound designer | Marcus Ohlsson, Therese Gylfe
Composer | Minna Bolin
Main cast| Razmus Nyström, Samuel Astor
Producers | Alina Rydbeck, Manne Indahl
Production company | Crisp Film

David and his friends celebrate his 25th birthday with a nightly swim at the beach. The good mood quickly changes after two straight couples walks by and laughs. One of the friends, Yonas, feels that they were laughing at them and confronts the strangers. But was the laughter directed to them, or was it something else? Who owns the truth of what exactly happened?