6 min.


Director | Adas Burkšaitis
Script | Adas Burkšaitis
Director of photography | Džiugas Šėma
Editing | Armas Rudaitis
Sound | Jonas Jocys, Vytautas Valiūnas
Producer | Kotryna Ramanauskaitė


We witness a casual video call between a young man and a middle-aged woman. From the issues they discuss, it becomes evident that a friendly chat is not the reason for this rendezvous. The context of their relationship is soon revealed.


About the director:

Adas Burkšaitis graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2012. During undergraduate years he interested with cinema, theatre and contemporary art. In 2017 A.Burkšaitis directed stage play “Honey I’m Home” which was a repertoire show in “Menų spaustuvė”, Vilnius. He also written and directed short movies. In 2020 started postgraduates studies in movie directing in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.