Mad Mieter

6 min.


Director | M+M (Weis/De Mattia)
Script | M+M (Weis/De Mattia)
Director of photography | Sebastian Cramer
| Florian Duffe
Sound | Robert F. Kellner
Composer | Moritz Eggert
Producer | M+M (Weis/De Mattia)
Production company | M+M (Weis/De Mattia)


In the 3D-movie “Mad Mieter” the protagonist is a praying mantis living in a bourgeois furnished apartment, where it comes to a cruel end after an initially delicate approach. The work is freely inspired by “Repulsion“ by Roman Polanski.


About the director:

stands for the artistic collaboration between Marc Weis, born 1965, and Martin De Mattia, born 1963 2020 Members of the Bayerische Akademie der Künste, Munich 2017 Scholarship at Deutsches Studienzentrum, Venice 2006 Scholarship at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles; Publication grant through the Art Foundation Bonn e.V. 1998/99 One year scholarship at Villa Massimo, Rome Solo Film-Exhibitions 2020 “Driven by Distraction”, Sprengel Museum Hanover (Cat.); “Warp and Weft”, Munich Re Art Gallery 2019 “Fieberhalle”, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich (Cat.),; “Beyond the Purity Law”, Gallery Helga de Alvear, Madrid; “Fan der Menschheit”, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz (Cat.) 2018 “Limbo Lichtspiele”, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich