Crack of Dawn

Trenc d'alba
28 min.

Director | Anna Llargués
Script | Anna Llargués
Director of photography | Paul Levit
Editing | Aina Martos
Sound designer | Ángel Bañuelos
Composers | Gerard Ribera, Amanda Fandos, Thomas Bingham
Main cast | Gerard Ribera, Vinyet Rodríguez, Irene Bogunyà, Oriol Borrut, Alzira Gómez
Producer | Andrea Alonso
Production company | ESCAC Films

The farmhouse of a rural family is declared unfit for habitation. While part of the family fights to save the space their ancestors built, the younger ones imagine where they could go.


About the director:

Anna Llargués, 1999. Graduated as a film director at ESCAC and currently a postgraduate student in editing at BSM-UPF, began her career as a director at the age of 19 with “Avia”, a micro-documentary awarded by Cultura Inquieta and exhibited at Filmin. During the third year of her degree, she made her second short film “La Indeseada”, currently in the process of being distributed. Her latest work is “Trenc d’Alba”, a fictional short film based on autobiographical facts made as a final degree project.

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