18 min.

Director | Jade Hærem Aksnes
Script | Jade Hærem Aksnes
Director of photography | Stephen St. Peter
Editing | Julian Hærem Aksnes, Jade Hærem Aksnes
Sound designer | Mats Lid Støten
Main cast | Birgitte Larsen, Issaka Sawadogo, Frode Winther
Producers | Siv Aksnes, Niels Peter Hærem
Production company | Zarepta Film Production AS

Tara is denied electricity bill support by Social Services, who tells her to simply get a free grill instead – a task that forces Tara to make some uncomfortable choices. Inspired by true events, “Grill” offers a satirical look at how a rich country in Scandinavia deals with poverty.


About the director:

Jade is from Norway, and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Directing from the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles. She has written and directed several award winning short films that have screened at numerous international film festivals, and is currently developing her first feature.