Paradise Europe

Du Bist So Wunderbar
17 min.

Directors | Paulo Menezes, Leandro Goddinho
Script | Paulo Menezes, Leandro Goddinho
Director of photography | Álfgerður Malmquist
Editing | Carolina Cardoso
Sound designer | N Fanari
Composer | N Fanari
Main cast | Murillo Basso, Greta Amend, Cleo Spiro, Blake Kendall, Dilan GeZaza, Marcio Reolon
Producers | Paulo Menezes/ Leandro Goddinho
Production company | CINEMA PSOGENERO

On the day thousands of people went to the streets protesting against unaffordable rents in Berlin and the abolishment of the rental cap law, a gay Brazilian immigrant who was just kicked out of his apartment struggles to find a new room while his personal life falls apart as well as the city around him.


About the directors:

Leandro Goddinho is a Brazilian filmmaker known for his dedicated work on LGBTQ+ issues. His recent short film “Du bist So Wunderbar” won the Silver Leopard at the esteemed 76th Locarno International Film Festival as part of the Pardi di Domani competition. He is also a BERLINALE TALENTS alumni and winner of more than 100 awards at film festivals worldwide.

With a Master’s degree in Media and Visual Anthropology from Freie Universität-Berlin, where he held the DAAD Scholarship for Foreign Artists, Leandro is currently lecturering at two German universities. He teaches in the MA in Visual & Media Anthropology program at HMKW – Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft, as well as at Catalyst Berlin – Institute for Creative Arts & Technology in both the MA and BA programs, where he also serves as the Film Production Program Lead.

In 2015, Leandro was selected for the German Chancellor Fellowship for Prospective Leaders, sponsored by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This prestigious opportunity allowed him to research and develop a documentary project titled “The World is round so that nobody can hide in the corners,” which focused on LGBTQ+ Diaspora. The first part, “Refuge,” was screened at over 70 festivals, securing awards in Greece and the US, and receiving nominations for the Große Klape Award in Germany and the Iris Prize in the UK. The second part, “The Kiss,” has been showcased at prominent festivals such as the acclaimed 72nd Edinburgh Film Festival, as well as being exhibited at the Mais Performance exhibition at the Oi Futuro Museum in Rio de Janeiro, the Ruhrtriennale Festival der Künste 2018 in Germany, and the Archive of Forgetfulness in South Africa.

Paulo Menezes is a award winning Brazilian filmmaker currently studying directing at the German Film Academy in Berlin- DFFB. He recently won the Silver Leopard for best International short film at the 74 Locarno Film festival. He previously studied Film and TV production in London and after graduating he worked on various documentaries for BBC and Al Jazeera in the UK.

His film Lolo about gay kids navigating a heteronormative world screened in more than 100 festivals around the world. His next short Pommes Paradies premiered at Filmfest Dresden and was selected by German Films as in 2021 as one of the filmmakers to watch. His short “Nicht die brasilianischen Homosexuellen sind pervers, sondern die Situation, in der sie leben” screened in many festivals including Uppsala, BFI Flare, Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg to name a few. At Filmfest Dresden the film took home the German Film Critics Award as well as the LUCA GENDER AND DIVERISITY award in 2022.

His most recent short “ DU BIST WUNDERBAR” had its world premier at the 76th Locarno International Film Festival in 2023, as part of the Pardi di Domani Competition.

Recently Paulo was a jury member at Filmfest Dresden in April 2023.

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