Central African Rep
17 min.

Director | Perrin Sombo
Script | Cyr Amedi, Alice Nzangalo, Perrin Sombo
Director of photography | Tony Ballu Malangui
Editing | Ode Belford Dobere
Sound designer | Martinez Faimon
Main cast | Heureusia Tomaye
Producer | Léo Benam
Production company | CinéBangui – La CinéFabrique

Ebounda, 12 and fatherless orphan, gets raped by a stranger while coming back from her school, ten kilometers away from her village, Bossas. Despite her mother’s efforts, she falls into a deep silence. But, one night, she gets carried away by the traditional dance.


About the director:

Perrin Tanguy SOMBO was born in 1993 in Bangui (Central African Republic). In 2021, he became one of 33 students to get into the first film school in the country, CinéBangui. There, he studied in the cinematography department, was a DOP on several projects and directed his first film, Ebounda.


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