22 min.

Director | Atsushi Hirai
Script | Atsushi Hirai, Martin Bertier
Director of photography | Benoit Pain
Editing | Jehan Folque
Sound designers | Gen Takahashi, Agathe Poche, Simon Apostolou
Main cast | Okihido Yoshizawa , Hisako Mizuki, Kôta Tsunezawa , Satchiko Okuno
Producers| Martin Bertier & Damien Manivel
Production company | MLD Films, Nobo

It is the last day of the year and night falls on the small town of Toyama, Japan. A man goes to the public bath to retrieve a forgotten object. But once inside, the promise of a hot bath compels him to stay.


About the director:

Born in Toyama, Japan, Atsushi Hirai studied filmmaking in Tokyo and then in France where he settled in 2015 and worked as an assistant director, in particular on Damien Manivel’s films. His first film Return to Toyama was presented in international competition at Locarno Film Festival. Oyu is his second film.


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