Lemon Tree

United States
17 min.

Director | Rachel Walden
Script | Rachel Walden
Director of photography | Hunter Zimny
Editing | Lucas Balser
Sound designers | Ian Berman, Marcus Dembinski
Main cast | Jordan Thomas Alexander, Robin Channing, Emily Costantino
Producers | Lucas Balser, Pauline Chalamet
Production company | Gummy Films

At a Halloween carnival, a young father steals a magician’s rabbit to impress his ten year old son. The thrill of the petty theft quickly dissolves into reality when the young boy is tasked with getting himself, his father, and his new pet home safe.


About the director:

Rachel Walden is a filmmaker from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2017 her MFA thesis film at Boston
University was awarded the Adrienne Shelly Foundation production grant for female directors. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York where she runs the independent production company GUMMY Films with co-founders Luca Balser and Pauline Chalamet.

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