Jupiter Rain

18 min.


Director | Imanol Ruiz de Lara
Script | Imanol Ruiz de Lara, Elisa Puerto Aubel, Gonzalo Tejedor Andrés
Director of photography | Rafael Reparaz
Editing | Juan Manuel Gamazo
Animators | Marta Salmons, Dareplanet
Sound designer | Fede Pájaro
Composer | MOW
Main cast | Isa Montalbán and Ingrid García-Jonsson
Producers | Inés Lorenzo, Miguel Escribano and Daniel Cano
Production company | Harold Entertainment
Co-producers and Production Companies | Vogue España


Io is a Jupiter’s satellite, but it’s also the name of a young woman who can’t find a comic that obsesses her. After losing her job, a cat, an enigmatic girl and a yellow umbrella crosses her path. Will they be the key to find that what she is looking for?