The Sleep of Dogs

12 min.

El Sueno De Los Perros


Director | Didac Gimeno
Script | Didac Gimeno
Director of photography | Chus Lara
Editing | Pablo Barce, Alba Gargantilla
Script | Ismael Pascual
Composer | Álvaro Fombellida
Main cast | Ruth Díaz, Jimena Martínez, Alberto Roldán, Rafael Iglesias, Lorena Amicis, Jandro Álvarez, Evan Irisarri, Alejandro Soriano
Producers | Rafael Álvarez, Dídac Gimeno
Production company | El Médano Producciones


Night falls on the wasteland. Esther tries to save her son César, who has been attacked by a creature of the night. But the boy disappears and Esther goes in search of him with her hunting dogs and her crossbow.