In A Bubble

7 min.

Director | Vilma Razmutė
Script | Vilma Razmutė
Editing | Vilma Razmutė
Animator | Vilma Razmutė
Sound designer | Renatas Makarovas
Composer | Renatas Makarovas
Main cast | Vilma Razmutė
Producer | Vilma Razmutė

In 2150, with Earth wracked by war and climate catastrophes, artificial intelligence creates a capsule-based migration to Mars. Protagonist Ben, in this world named ‘018533’, battles homesickness. One of his methods for dealing with this feeling is meditation. AI observes Ben, aiming to cheer him up. Suddenly, a holographic fish delivers him a gift.


About the director:

Vilma Razmutė is an animator and a starting animation director born in Klaipėda, currently living in Vilnius. After completing her studies in Graphic Communication Design, she decided to step away from design and explore the film industry. The film “In a Bubble” was her first attempt at creating animated films. This film premiered in the Lithuanian competition program of the BLON festival in 2022. Currently, Vilma is developing her new film script, titled “Tears of Stardust”