When I Was a Juvenile

18 min.

Director | Severina Vaičiūnaitė
Script | Gintarė Ilginytė, Severina Vaičiūnaitė
Operator | Dominyka Pieczulis
Editing | Severina Vaičiūnaitė, Monika Žemaitytė
Sound designer | Ugnė Povilauskaitė
Composer | Kabloonak
Main cast | Karolina Kildaitė, Gintautė Rusteikaitė, Rokas Pijus Misiūnas
Producer | Ingrida Danilovaitė
Production company | LMTA-Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija

Sofija, 24, seeks comfort in a heartfelt teenage memory as Mykolas prepares to leave. In Night Vilnius, amidst unexpected twists, she discovers the courage to say goodbye and move forward, fueled by cherished memories and enduring friendship.


About the director:

Introducing Severina Vaičiūnaitė, a young cinema director from Vilnius, Lithuania. Born in 1999, Severina is currently studying at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy, pursuing their passion for filmmaking.
Beyond her own filmmaking pursuits, Severina has spent the last four years actively engaging in cinema education, sharing their knowledge and passion with teenagers.
Her film, “Kai aš buvau malalietka” (eng. “When I Was a Juvenile”) was screened at San Sebastian film festival, Nest section.