Number One

15 min.

Director | Milda Augustaitytė
Operator | Dominika Pieczulis
Editing | Milda Augustaitytė
Sound designer | Agatas Savickis
Producers | Milda Augustaitytė, Ingrida Danilovaitė
Production company | LMTA-Lietuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija

Twelve-year-old Arianas is preparing for the Lithuanian championship of Standard and Latin American dances with his partner. The couple must understand the world of adults – learn to demonstrate masculinity, feminine seduction and self-selling. But is that enough to win the championship?


About the director:

Milda Augustaitytė – born in 1999, grew up in Kėdainiai. Milda is currently on undergoing Video Directing studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. „Number One“ (2023) is her debut short documentary film.